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    Off The Hook Yacht Sales, LLC
    Ben Montgomery - Sales & Purchasing

    Ben Montgomery - Sales & Purchasing

    Orange Beach, AL, US

    I was born and raised in Mississippi and have spent my entire life on the water, fishing, cruising and racing sailboats competitively. After graduating high school, I earned an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy and was a member of the sailing team. I finished my college studies at the University of MS and an MBA from Millsaps College. After years in the aerospace and heavy equipment industries, I finally took a full-time leap into the marine industry and have gained hands-on experience in marine repair, refit, yacht brokerage, sales and marketing.  


    I spent several years living aboard and absolutely live and love the boating lifestyle! Most of my friends are former and current clients, and I could always use more! I look forward to working with you and always appreciate a good referral as well.

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    Listings by Ben Montgomery
    6 result(s)
    • 2006 Viking 52 Convertible
      2006 Viking 52 Convertible
      Orange Beach, AL, US
      View Details
    • 2016 Meridian 391
      2016 Meridian 391
      Madisonville, LA, US
      View Details
    • 2019 Pursuit 365 DC
      2019 Pursuit 365 DC
      Palm Beach, FL, US
      View Details
    • 2009 Pursuit 345 Offshore
      2009 Pursuit 345 Offshore
      Dania, FL, US
      View Details
    • 2004 Tiara 3200 Open
      2004 Tiara 3200 Open
      Gulfport, MS, US
      View Details
    • 2001 Tiara 31 Express
      2001 Tiara 31 Express
      Orange Beach, AL, US
      View Details